Our Mission (Our Purpose)
Zoe Recruitment exists to contribute to the transformation of productivity and work ethic, by linking talent to business/organizations, and placing people right. At Zoe we believe this then forms the foundation for sustainable business and on a larger scale, economic growth. This is our contribution.

Our Values
Our values are the guiding principles upon which we base all our day to day decisions.


We value trust by our clients, job seekers and other stakeholders. This can only be developed through consistency in delivery and committing to what we say, through genuine and good association. We endeavor to do just that.

Get it right the first time

We emphasize to our staff to get it right the first time. It saves time, reduces stress, the client is happy and we all can then celebrate and turnaround assignments in a short time.


We strongly believe in giving back to the communities that we serve. We cannot develop in isolation. As such we are committed to engaging some of our time especially with the youth, empowering them, mentoring them and giving them hope, free of charge. It not only is the right thing to do but also makes business sense for the long term.


We are stewards of resources including people. We therefore approach business and our work with the knowledge that we are managing resources and that we have stakeholders at every stage that require accountability for what we do.

Commitment to staff development

Zoe Recruitment staff are stakeholders in the business and just as important as our clients or jobseekers. We therefore are committed to giving our staff the skills and support required to enable them excel at what they do.