Our approach to recruitment is guided by professionalism and an understanding of our clients’ needs. Our belief in integrity, objectivity and confidentiality means we will provide you with a high quality service.

We share our clients’ objective of recruiting and retaining the best possible candidates. It is important to us to establish long-term relationships with our clients and become a partner in their HR processes.

Executive Search and Selection

We know that people are the biggest asset a company has, and we want to make sure we find the right people for our clients. We have a commitment to recruiting the Kingdom’s best

The Recruitment Process

Initial Discussion and Assessment

We begin with an in-depth discussion with our client including the strategic objectives and challenges to ensure our complete understanding of the positions and responsibilities. To find the best candidates to match your company, we want to know about your business, your ambitions, priorities and attitudes.


Identify Prospective Candidates

Using our extensive network of contacts, our database of candidates and targeted advertising, we build a list of prospective candidates suitable for your position.


We screen all prospective candidates before we present them to our client. This step includes various types of evaluations depending on the position. The evaluations include face to face interviews, telephone interviews, attitude and aptitude testing, and problem solving ability testing and/or job fit assessments.



It is our practice to directly contact superiors, peers, and subordinates at past and current employers (if possible) to get a full picture of our candidates’ abilities and attitudes.



Candidate Presentation

We present our shortlist of candidates most suitable for your role , with a detailed confidential report containing our summary appraisal of each candidate depending on the screening process carried out. Following this, we introduce the candidates to you for your final selection.


Hiring Completion

We continue to work with client and candidate through the final stages of the process, from offer and contract through to the starting date – and beyond.


Full Warranty
Zoe Recruitment Uganda offers a full warranty on our recruitment service – a candidate will be replaced by us at no charge if they leave the client’s employment in the first three months of employment, for whatever reason.

Management Development and Training
Whereas we focus on Recruitment, we would not like to see that going to waste because of a lack of skill higher up in the hierarchy. As such, on a smaller scale as a non-core service, we provide Management development and training services to close the above gap.

Our training is very interactive and commits the participants to action plans where the skills can be easily transferred to the workplace.

Our trainers are competent Ugandans with experience in industry but also consulting and therefore have been exposed to International best practice.

The details of some of the business and management training courses we deliver are in the prospectus provided, with details of course content. DOWNLOAD PROSPECTUS.

Most personnel are promoted on the basis of their technical competence while their management skills are not adequately developed. High turnover of staff in organizations research has shown is caused by unskilled managers of people. Our management training seeks to address this gap or problem. Our approach to development is wider than just training. We may provide coaching services on a case by case basis. We usually do this for Talent that has been identified for promotion or succession planning. Our training material is of international standard and accredited by the Institute of Commercial Managers, UK.